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7 Steps to Survive a Long Haul Flight

7 Steps to Survive a Long Haul Flight

In reality after a long haul flight we look tired, bloated and dull. But not any-more! Here are my 7 steps to survive a long haul flight, staying glamorous in-flight, and looking great when you step off that plane!

Step One – Hydration

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration is the first step to surviving a long haul flight. Our bodies are not designed to travel at 30,000 feet in the air and our bodies relate this experience to being in a dry desert! The first step is to consistently drink lots of water and take electrolytes on-board to help replace lost minerals in your body.

Step Two – Moisturise

Moisturises don’t work well on planes! Moisturisers need water to attach too the skin but when our skin is dry it makes this process impossible. Use a hyaluronic acid serum which is a water based serum that absorbs completely into the skin and will keep your skin hydrated. Keep your eyes and lips hydrated by consistently applying a natural lip balm to your lips and use moisturising eye drops to avoid dry, red itchy eyes.

Step Three – Take Sunscreen

Take sunscreen on-board. The UV rays are much more intense at higher altitudes as its thinner air and less screening of harmful UV rays. If your flying during the day and don’t want to close your sun shade down put on some sunscreen especially on your face.

Step Four – Avoid Alcohol

Try to avoid alcohol, soft drinks and salty snacks on-board. This can cause water retention which can show up as facial puffiness or bloat. When arriving at your destination go for a brisk walk to reduce the bloating effect.

Step Five – Get Moving

Remember your travelling at the height of Mt Everest so there is less blood flow in your body. Get up and move around the cabin (if the seat belt sign is off), this will help with the blood circulation after sitting down for so long.

Step Six – Adjust time

As soon as you step on-board your flight, change your watch to your destinations local time and start adjusting to your new time straight away. If its daytime at your destination stay awake, if its night-time have dinner, watch a movie and then try and get some sleep.

Step Seven – Go for a walk

When arriving at your destination, if its in the morning make sure you have that first day planned. Go for a long walk or even book into an afternoon sightseeing tour. Don’t go back to your hotel room as you will start to feel tired and go to sleep too early.

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Drinking Water Overseas

Drinking Water Overseas

In Australia we don’t think twice about drinking water from the tap. But drinking tap water overseas can be very unsafe.

You of course need to drink water when travelling overseas and plenty of it! But drinking water overseas in certain parts of the world can put in you risk of developing diseases such as typhoid, cholera, hepatitis and travellers diarrhoea among other illness. So its imperative you know the best ways to ensure you are putting safe filtered water into your body on your overseas holiday!

Its just not what you drink its what you eat, where you swim and evening taking a shower!


Check the natural bodies of water are safe before you swim. Places like the Amazon rainforest where you can swim are very high in minerals. Its too much for our western bodies to take in and can result in feeling very ill. Keep your mouth shut when swimming and check with your guide its safe to swim.

Brushing your Teeth

Use bottled water when brushing your teeth. If you use tap water you are still putting in the potentially contaminated water into your body. Good hotels will usually provide free bottled water for brushing your teeth.

Say No to Ice

In countries with poor water ratings the ice is usually made from the tap water. Never ask for ice as you do not know the source from where it came from.

Say No to Salads!

As much as we all want to be healthy eaters overseas, in undeveloped countries having a healthy salad could be dangerous. Salad ingredients are washed down with unfiltered tap water so avoid any types of food that need to be washed in water and raw foods. Always have cooked foods or fruits that can be peeled.

In the shower

Keep your mouth shut in the shower, a strange thing to say but so many of us open our mouths in the shower. But again you do not know where the water is coming from.

Ask Hotel Staff

Don’t assume because you are in a nice hotel the water is safe to use. Ask the hotel staff about the water. Usually if the water is unsafe in the hotels they will provide free filtered bottles of water to use to drink/brush your teeth.

Bottled Water

When travelling sealed bottled water can be your savior. However plastic bottles are a huge burden on our environment so please dispose of your plastic bottles responsibly.

Ways to Filter Your Own Water

Another way to save on plastic bottles in the environment is to filter your own water when overseas. This can be done a few ways listed below;

Steripen, this tool uses a UV lamp to kill the bugs and bacteria.

Pros – Inexpensive, easy to use, simply put in water for a few minutes then drink

Cons – No filter so the water is still cloudy, relies on batteries.

The Grayl, this tool is very effective and will give you clean and virus free water by using a pumping mechanism. You will one part up with water, attach the top and press down.

Pros – Very easy to use and gives you clean water

Cons – The filter can be expensive and only treats approx 150 liters of water before needs replacing. Pending on your trip I would purchase 2-3 liters just in case.

Below is a Map of the Countries with unsafe drinking water

Blue – Safe to drink tap water

Brown – Not safe


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Best Way to Buy Overseas Money – Made Easy

Best Way to Buy Overseas Money– Made Easy!

With so many options and stores to purchase currency its hard to understand or find the best ways to buy overseas money. Below I have listed three easy and affordable ways to obtain your overseas currency;

1. Buying Currency Online

The most popular and best way to buy overseas money is online. Online has better exchange rates and more pick up locations. Generally an online currency store has a better rate than in store to encourage you to go online. You simply order your currency online, pay and then pick up your currency at your closest pick up location. This is great if you are wanting a substantial amount of money or seeking more exotic currency which can take a week to arrange.

However the downside for this option is, if you are paying for your currency with your credit card be careful of credit card fees, try to pay via bPay to avoid any of those nasty credit card fees. Plus make sure you give yourself plenty of time to order your currency, especially if its not a popular currency it can take a few days for the money to arrive.

If purchasing money online – I recommend buying at least 2-3weeks prior to departure.

Where to buy from – Travelex are one of Australis largest and fastest growing currency exchange and has thousands of pick up locations in every state and International.

2. From your Bank

Believe it or not but sometimes your bank can offer you a better exchange rate than online or a specialty currency store. Your bank is the second best way to buy money overseas. If wanting to purchase popular currencies like U.S Dollars or the Euro your bank might not be a good option. However less popular currencies like the Chinese Yen your bank could offer you a better rate than other competitors.

3. Overseas

Sometimes its far cheaper to buy your currency in the country you are visiting when you get there. Places like Peru, Poland and lesser known countries are very hard to find currency outside these countries because its illegal for their currency to leave the country. I recommend if travelling to lesser known countries to take U.S Dollar currency in small domination’s. The U.S Dollar is widely accepted worldwide for exchanging money. Do not rely on your Australian Dollar as most countries will not accept our currency or will offer you a very bad exchange rate.

Take Home Points on the best ways to purchase overseas money:

  • Purchase your currency well in advance prior to your holiday, this way you can purchase online and get the best possible exchange rate.
  • Do not rely on the Australian Dollar currency when overseas. Most countries not close to Australia will not accept our currency or will give you a terrible exchange rate. Exchange some currency into the U.S Dollar for emergencies.
  • Take a few different methods of payment when travelling overseas such as
  • Currency (in the countries currency + U.S Dollar)
  • Credit card (dont forget to tell your bank your travelling overseas so they do not cancel your card!)
  • Currency card or Eftpos card as a third back up.
  • Do not wait until you get the airport (I am guilty of this!), if you leave it to the airport you are stuck with that exchange rate and the airport currency exchange may not even have your desired currency or not enough of it.

The best way to buy your overseas money is time! Give yourself plenty of time to organise your currency, do not leave it to the last minute. Try to organise your currency 2-3 weeks prior to your departure its just one more item ticked off your travel check list!

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