Why do you quote in USD currency?

We quote in USD currency, because we work directly with our ground operators in the country you are travelling too. We do this because it saves you money, we along with our competitors cannot guarantee what the AUD will be like against the USD from when you book to paying the final balance.

Instead of converting the price to AUD now and use a weak exchange rate with a substantial buffer just in-case the dollar drops. We provide you with the USD amount so after you have paid the deposit, you can pay anytime before the due date if the AUD gets stronger against the USD and therefore saving you money.

Who do all the Prestige World Tours travel booking arrangements go through?

All Prestige World Travel booking arrangements including but not limited to bookings, transactions, queries, payments and documentation are made through MTA – Mobile Travel Agents by MTA member Tanya Kellan.

First licensed in 1991, MTA – Mobile Travel Agents pioneered the work-from-home model nationally in Australia. With a network size providing unrivalled support, MTA Travel Experts are handpicked professionals, generally attaining more than 10 years industry experience with other major agency chains prior to joining the organisation. IATA, CLIA and Cruiseco accredited, MTA is proudly a foundation member of ATAS - a mark of industry quality. Appointed as Accredited Space Agent in 2006 by Sir Richard Branson, MTA is a member of AFTA, also Belmond and Virtuoso, both of which are exclusive 'by-invitation-only' global organisations comprising a handpicked number of travel agencies worldwide. MTA is an ethical business delivering on paid experience to leisure and business travellers. www.mtatravel.com.au

Can I speak to Prestige World Tours in person?

Absolutely, we operate in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne however, depending on where you live we can meet you in a local cafe, at your office or even via Skype!

How much money do I need to take and what currency?

The best currency to take with you is USD in small denominations, once you are at your destination you will be able to convert into local currency easily. Using AUD is not widely accepted in Latin America, especially in smaller towns.

Can I extend my trip at the start or end of the program?

Yes you can, these programs are designed to add extras at the start or end of the program. Extra charges do apply.

Can I change the program?

Yes you can change the program to fit your specific needs, whether you choose to add in a new destination, stay longer in certain places or add a couple of nights this can certainly be arranged at an additional cost.

Do you only book 5 Star accommodation?

The comfort levels of our programs are 5 Star, we can on occasion book 4 Star properties if requested but we will not jeopardise our programs with inferior accommodation or try and price beat.

Do I need visas ?

This information applies to Australian passport holders who have had no criminal record or have been denied entry into a country. You must hold a passport which has a minimum of 6 months validity when exiting the country and two blank passport pages. This information was printed 01st September 2014 and is subject to change, please email for up to the minute Visa information.

No visa is required for Peru, up to a stay of 183 days.
No Visa is required for Ecuador, up to a stay of 90 days.
No Visa is required for Guatemala, up to a stay of 3 months
No Visa is required for Honduras, up to a stay of 90 days
No Visa is required for Costa Rica, up to a stay of 90 days.

If you are travelling to another country not listed, we will be able to check the visa requirements.

What meals / drinks are included?

Each program will vary with what meals are included, a list of what meals are included are in the 'Tours section'. Drinks are extra for all programs.

Are your programs group tours or private?

We have two options - Currently we offer small group guided tours to Peru which is are a unique combination of Adventure and Luxury. We also can create bespoke tours which are private and can be customised to suit your individual tastes and expectations.

Why are your programs only 5 Star?

We choose style and comfort over budget, our philosophy is why work hard very day to travel overseas and be disappointed with the level of accommodation or program offered? Our programs are designed to pamper our clients and offer them the very best. We only have 4 weeks annual leave each year so why not use those 4 weeks and travel in comfort.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

Yes you do, we strongly recommend all clients travelling overseas to obtain comprehensive travel insurance. We can provide you with travel insurance quotes from our partners - Covermore Travel Insurance, QBE Travel Insurance and CHI Travel Insurance.

Why Prestige?

We work directly with our local agents in South and Central America, cutting out the middle man. This way we can offer you unique itineraries, luxury accommodation at great prices.

Do I need to tip the guides?

Tipping is not compulsory, as most countries know Australians are not the greatest tippers. As a rule if you think your guide has done a great job then tip (usually only a couple of USD is adequate)

Do I need vaccinations or medications prior to departing overseas?

You will need to visit your local travel doctor to go through your medical history and advise which places you are visiting on your holiday. Your doctor will be able to advise you of any recommend/compulsory vaccinations or medications.

Are there any luggage restrictions?

For most internal flights in South/Central America the luggage restriction is 23kgs and 7kgs for hand luggage. If you are travelling to Machu Picchu you can only take a small overnight bag as the train to/from Machu Picchu has limited space. The remainder of your luggage will be in storage in your selected hotel in the Sacred Valley or Cusco.

For smaller flights such as into the Amazon in Ecuador luggage is very limited, however an excess luggage can be stored at the hotel before travelling.

What form of Payment do you accept?

Payment can be made in the following ways;

Direct deposit
Visa/Mcard/America Express (will attract a merchant fee of 1.5%)
All travel arrangements made through MTA - Mobile Travel Agents

After I make a booking what happens?

After you have paid your deposit, filled in your booking form and have sent passport copies to our office we then go ahead and book in your program. This can generally take 5-7 working days. Once your program is booked and confirmed we will then send you through your confirmation itinerary. In this time we will advise you of any changes in hotel accommodation if not available. This will always be of the same standard as per the original program.

Two months prior to your trip the final payment will be due. Four weeks prior to your departure your final documentation will be sent via express post and/or an appointment will be made to go through the final program with you.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

If you have special dietary requirements or allergic to particular ingredients please include this on the booking form. Your guides will then able to assist when ordering food which fits in with your dietary requests. Depending on your dietary requirements there may be changes to restaurants from the original program.

Is there time to do laundry on the programs?

Most of our programs are at a relaxed pace you will have opportunity to do laundry at the hotels.

Are the programs at a relaxed pace?

Our programs are set up to enjoy your surroundings, there maybe a couple of early mornings but you will also have time to sleep in, go for a massage or walk around the town. We do not see the need to rush around trying to see everything. Our programs are relaxed and you will still see the highlights plus some more unique activities.